Protecting Vulnerable Women

One-to-one support for victims of abuse in Colombia

From its very beginning, Orphaids Colombia has worked with women seeking help as a result of domestic abuse and violence. This work has grown immensely since the COVID pandemic.

Incidences of domestic abuse and violence increased during the lockdowns and Orphaids has become even more involved in this area because of the rise in demand. As the Colombian team are all psychologists, they are able to provide one-to-one support for women in crisis.

The team also runs workshops for local women to help them understand what domestic abuse and violence look like in their early stages. This gives them the confidence to know what is happening to them and an opportunity to seek help early on.

Orphaids Colombia also supports young adolescents who are gender dysphoric (confused), not understanding what they are feeling and having nowhere to turn for reassurance and help. As the pandemic increased the level of abuse these young people experienced too, Orphaids Colombia is providing psychological assistance as needed and showing young people where they can get help.

Colombian woman with baby strapped to her back
Helping vulnerable women in Colombia

Women's crisis refuge in Ecuador

Orphaids has partnered with another local Christian Charity working with disabled children and women in Ecuador.

Vida en Abundancia translates as ‘Life in Abundance’. With common aims, we join together to improve the lives of the poor and marginalised and to show God’s great love and hope of a full and abundant life.

This collaboration results in the delivery of a prevention programme that teaches women what abuse looks like and how they can seek help so that they can identify issues before they become serious victims. Sharing knowledge and expertise from the Colombian team means we can offer psychological support like the Colombia projects. In addition, Orphaids Ecuador provides a women’s crisis refuge on-site to help victims escape their abusers in an emergency.

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