Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

It is our mission to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ practically by meeting the human needs of orphans, widows, and the vulnerable without discrimination. To achieve this we:
  • Provide a home, health care and education for children who have no home to go to – working closely with social services.
  • Reach children living in poverty with food, medicine and befriend them.
  • Support the HIV/AIDS community with psychological therapy, accompany, and provide a “support group” for them to be able share safely.
  • Provide health promotion/prevention workshops to educational establishments, the military, police, churches, and at community events.
  • Provide refuge and support for women facing violence and domestic abuse, promoting prevention workshops so the individual can identify early signs of abuse.
  • Provide psychological support to palliative care patients and their families within the community, assisting with personal care as needed and ensuring the family has food.

Our Vision

The vision of Orphaids UK is to see persons transformed, free from fear and poverty with the opportunity to lead a full and healthy life. We seek to be Christ-centred, compassionate, courageous, truthful, and servant-hearted in everything that we do.

Our Values

At our core we are Christ-centred – it’s what we call our anchor value. This guides our other values:


We aim to demonstrate the same compassion that Jesus demonstrated on earth by showing love and care to the most vulnerable. We put people at the heart of everything we do.


We are motivated by the desire to “give justice to the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed”Psalm 82:3


It is the responsibility of everyone in our community to support one another, working together to create changes that are needed for a fairer society. 


We aim to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and influence every part and level of the work. To empower people by respecting, valuing and celebrating what makes them different.

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