Charity Supporter’s Insurance

Your Car & Home Insurance can result in a donation to the charity

Imagine you could give more money to Orphaids as a supporter without it costing you anything extra? Well, now you can!

Think of the various insurance policies you take out during the course of a year – car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, business insurance – maybe even church insurance.

Contact broker, CK Insurance, for a quote when your renewal falls due and they will donate a percentage of their earnings to Orphaids for every policy sold and again every time you renew.

If the price and level of cover are the same as, or better than, your current provider you can switch to CK Insurance for good reason.

They use the same well-known providers you are probably already insured with and have access to the same or better rates.

Call CKI for a quote free on 0800 917 2274 or, for more details about their policies, visit the Chris Knott website. Remember to mention Orphaids or code ‘648’ when you call.

The donation to Orphaids will NOT cost you extra and is NOT added to your premium. It really is a profit share and a win-win for you and us. Give them a try!

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