Vida En Abundancia

Orphaids and Vida En Abundancia share common goals

Translating as ‘Life In Abundance’, Orphaids was part of the birth story for Vida En Abundancia in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. The relationship between Orphaids and this charity working with disabled children is special – we share similar views and goals and each have a particular sense of love for children.

South American Mission Society (SAMS) missionary, Jill Ball – the founder member, started her work in Ecuador at Orphaids and from there the vision grew. 

The partnership is even stronger today. Luz Celly, the director of Orphaids, works alongside this trust providing leadership skills, material for training, delivering training and heading up the work that Orphaids and Vida En Abundancia have developed over the last few years. There is a specific focus on the area’s vulnerable women – women in domestic abuse situations.  Luz Celly is also a trained psychologist and provides counselling and psychological support to the charity as needed.

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