Ecuador sinks into cartel crisis

According to Ecuador’s President, Daniel Noboa, the country is in “a state of war” as drug gangs vie for supremacy and intimidate the authorities. Over one hundred prison staff have been take hostage and 10 people have been killed, including police officers, after the leader of one of Ecuador’s two biggest gangs escaped from prison.

In what appears to have been a co-ordinated attack on 9th January, people from hospitals, businesses and a universities were kidnapped, when armed men stormed the buildings and bombs went off at various locations. Armed gang members interrupted a live TV news broadcast to showcase their violence – which we have seen on our news here in the UK.

For the next 60 days there’s a national curfew. People are working from home as they’re able and schools have gone back to online.

The Orphaids UK team has been in touch with Orphaids Ecuador and we thank God they are all safe and on-site, hearing occasionally from family & friends but the general state of fear is palpable! Please continue to pray for the Ecuadorian government & the authorities as they deal with this – for safety, for peace, for the country!

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