Our Partners In The Work

Please pray blessing on the local churches in the UK, Ecuador & Colombia as they partner with us in this work. Pray for Latin Link missionaries, Katy Griggs and Abby Murphy, as they support the work of Orphaids Ecuador – for wisdom and discernment as they work, for their safety and wellbeing too, remembering they are away from their families and their own culture.



Pray that Orphaids Ecuador, Orphaids Colombia and Orphaids UK manage the funds wisely and that fundraising will continue to cover the needs associated with the work. Thank God that he has always provided in-line with the plans made. Pray that the UK Government continues to allow Gift-Aiding. Pray that some of our Grant Applications are answered favourably. Pray that the work of Orphaids grows and, above all, that the name of Jesus Christ is glorified.


The Ecuador Team

Please pray for Dr Luz Celly and Dr Fabio as they lead the Orphaids team in Ecuador – remembering they are based in Ecuador away from their own country (Colombia) and family. Pray for the Ecuadorian board of Trustees as they seek God and continue to partner with us in this work. Please pray for Lenin as he carries out his administration & finance role – we are also thankful for his willingness to pick up any other job that his skills allow him to do.


The Colombia Team

Please pray for Dr Luz Celly and Dr Fabio as they oversee Orphaids Colombia remotely – pray for spiritual and physical strength for them. Please pray for Rosa (in-country Team Lead), Ana Maria and Martha Lucia as they take responsibility for the daily operation of Orphaids in Colombia. We thank God for the excellent relationship Orphaids Colombia has with local government and pray this continues.


Education & Prevention

The COVID pandemic saw a rise in domestic abuse – please pray for both country’s teams as they address this, helping vulnerable people in crisis. Pray for the education & prevention workshops and counselling offered. Pray for all the young people and adults who receive HIV training and prevention workshops and counselling. And for the family workshops in Ecuador & Colombia – working alongside the whole family to emphasise moral living, healthy relationships, discipline, and the role of a parent.


Palliative Care

Please pray for Orphaids Ecuador’s provision of Palliative Care in the community – offering psychological support for the whole family, facilitating other care needs including food. Though the years of anti-retroviral therapy have been successful for people with HIV and there is less need for personal accompanying, Orphaids continues to provide this level of care when the hospital refers patients who would benefit from this service.


The Orphans in our care

Please pray for all the children and young people living on-site at Orphaids Ecuador. Pray for healing for those who are saddened by the loss of their parents. Pray for those who are HIV+. Pray for the childrens’ education – that they will do well at school and better themselves. Please pray that the children’s community work in Ecuador and Colombia has an impact – that our time providing meals for very underprivileged children, playing games with them and giving them basic educational materials improves their life chances and keeps them out of gangs.

Earthquake in Ecuador

Earthquake in Ecuador

Despite considerable destruction and loss of life over a huge area, we are thankful to have heard the good news that all our staff and children in Ecuador are OK after the recent earthquake.

New cesspit installed at Orphaids Ecuador

Cesspit installation underway at Orphaids Ecuador

Following our Appeal to raise funds for an urgent new cesspit at the Orphaids Ecuador site near Santo Domingo, we are pleased to report that the need has now been met.